A Foreboding Air

A Foreboding Air

The cadaverous palette of the Haunted Mansion goes further than one might realize in setting the stage for what’s to come inside its doors. The air of foreboding can be felt across the Rivers of America, just as soon as the unsettling structure comes into sight.

The cadaverous palette of the Haunted Mansion goes further than one might...Read more here at Tours Departing Daily

Matthew Hansen

Photographer, designer and alliteration addict.

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  • Joe Marsh

    What time of the day was this shot taken guys?

  • anonymous

    I LOVE this shot!! …and for so many reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cory Gross

    This is one of the best photos of the Haunted Mansion that I've ever seen. Fantastic work!

  • Dave Durham

    It seem like just yesterday…

  • Drew



    (Unless of course your intent was a colorful play on the narration.)

  • anonymous

    Wow you did a nice job on those colors. Everything blends really nicely.

  • Matthew Hansen

    Joe, this was taken in the early afternoon.
    Nicole, thank you and you're welcome! Glad you enjoy!
    Cory, thanks! That's quite a compliment!
    Dave, it may have been… Thanks a ton for loaning out your lenses. What a treat!
    Drew, thanks for trying to help but I did intend both "palette" and "air".
    Joey, thank you!

  • anonymous

    Like all of ya'lls photos you do capture the air perfectly, in this case forbodeing. What is great about Disneyland, they'v captured foreboding while at the same time having immaculate gardens and facade. Thanks again for all of this, I look forward to each new picture