3 Things Coming to TDD This Summer

My post tonight is a little different. Between working on the website, our super top secret project and completely rearranging our lifestyle to fit a more balanced, healthy one, it has been difficult to find time to process photos. We hope you can forgive our negligence as of late and find some excitement in a few changes taking place at TDD very soon.

1. Website Redesign

Matthew mentioned this in a recent post so many of you may already be aware. We're in the process of completely changing our site. It will be much cleaner and more user friendly. Navigating the site will feel like you're floating through clouds as you click from one page to the next (trust me on this one).

2. Wait for iiit... HDR Tutorial!

Difficult to believe, I know. This is something we've been asked to do for well over year and we never seemed to find the time; our sincere apologies to those of you who have waited so patiently. It will be an in-depth look into HDR, our individual styles and take on the technique including videos of us discussing what we've learned through this process and some pitfalls to watch out for.

3. Opening up Shop

We'll be offering products and services for the first time in TDD history. We've received numerous requests for TDD swag, purchasing photos (these will be limited to landscape photography for the meantime) and the ability to hire us for events. These are all things that have been placed on the back burner, so we're excited to be able to offer them now.

These are just a few things brewing over here right now. There's plenty more to come and we hope you are all as excited as we are.

And for tonight's photo, something a little different: The day we met John Lasseter. Such an inspiration to us in so many ways and it was so nice to meet him.

Matthew Hansen, Michaela Hansen and Kevin Crone meeting John Lasseter at a signing in Disney California Adventure.