Reach for the Sky

When you're a kid, anything is possible. You believe with your whole heart that the dreams you hold inside can actually come true. You believe that wishing on a star isn't just a gimmick in a Disney movie. You wonder about the outcome, but believe for a moment that the mountain to climb really isn't that daunting. Unfortunately, at some point all those wishes become falling stars in the sky, and they never come to fruition. But that's just part of growing up right? You can't hold on to everything forever, and we sure don't live in Neverland.

What is it that gets in the way of our dreams, our hopes, and our passions? What's holding you back? Is it work, school, family, time? Nope. It's none of these. Once upon a time you peered over the edge, and with the innocence and imagination like a child, you looked up into the sky and knew that you, and only you could make your dreams possible. Walt was right when he said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” The only thing knocking those stars out of the sky is you!

So what is it that's stopping you? Is it guilt, confidence, fear, weakness? Is it the thought of failure? Let me tell you something, the dream you have, or the passion inside of you, it isn't there by chance. It's there for a reason. But it takes making your dream come true to find out why. It literally is the best journey you could take in your entire life. So like a child, look out into the depth of the sky and believe in that idea, that passion, that thing that makes you feel alive, and make it come true.