Inspiration at Closing Time

At the end of a long day at Disneyland I always love to sit back and reflect on the day. It's usually customary to find me sitting on a bench, just taking it all in (with some amazing beverage/food combination). Closing time is one of my favorite times to do this. Disneyland is a very thought provoking place. You can touch the sky with your hopes and dreams, and know that anything is possible. You can release all the worries of life and realize that whatever your heart desires is out there somewhere, just waiting for you to find it.

Have you ever wondered why Disneyland so inspiring, so magical? I'll tell you. It's the culmination of artists and dreamers that create. It's the people that have been inspired themselves that craft and design the inspiring places we visit when we go to Disneyland. The very fact that these people have a passion, and put there all into one thing, shows through at this amazing place. Disneyland has such an emotional affect on all of us because it is causing us to view things through the lens of passion. And without passion, life just doesn't feel the same. It can feel empty, and just down right depressing. That's because we were made to do something! Find your passion, whatever it might be, it will completely and utterly transform your life. I promise.