Autumn Thunder

I love the changing of this seasons. It is when I feel most alive. I think it has something to do with pressing forward and moving on. Change is good right? Sometimes it puts us in a new environment. Sometimes it is an event that causes us to change the way we think. Sometimes it's losing something we love. And probably most often, change is something we don't want to encounter, but it's the very thing that molds us and moves us to be closer to the person we are supposed to be. We get comfortable in the same routine. We like consistency. It's easier to travel a road we are familiar with because we know the twists and turns that take us to the destination. And even more familiar is probably the destination.

For me, during the next few months, I am going to encounter some twists and turns I am not at all acquainted with. And the destination is pretty much non existent. I'm not positive where I'm going, or how I am going to get there. Literally. All I have is a fortune cookie that told me in early March, "You will have full contentment by Summer's end." Now, I'm not a big believer in little oriental pieces of magical cookie goodness, but I do have faith that something is on the horizon. And I'm not sure that it is anything I thought it would be back in March. I feel like my idea of "full contentment" has changed dramatically. And I think that is a good thing. Well whatever this full contentment is, it has ten days to get here, because that's when summer ends. So bring it on life. What you got?