As Disneyland Wakes

I find myself in a rather peculiar mood today, in wandering thoughts on life. I feel I must make a disclaimer that the following characters are the product of fingers run away with themselves at the keyboard, lost in these thoughts. Please feel free to scroll past to the picture.

I am so grateful for reminders of what really matters in life. But I find the need for their frequency alarming. Each time I feel a renewed sense of gratitude I think, "This time it will stick. This time I won't lose sight." When the next reminder rolls around I'm always taken with surprise, "Did I really forget again?" I know it's different from person to person. Not everyone struggles with it and not everyone cares. I've had seasons without struggle and I've found I don't care much for apathy.

"What's the big deal with forgetting here and there?" you might wonder. For me it's important to keep my mind focused on the truly important stuff, because that's the stuff of life that keeps you honest. It keeps you grateful. It keeps your motives pure. I tend to live by a belief that Walt Disney voiced, saying "If you live right, things happen right." When things don't happen right I feel lost. I don't like feeling lost. That's usually my indicator that I've forgotten the important stuff.

Of course, when you're lost you have two options: Find your way or give up and stay lost. Since I don't like feeling lost I strive to find my way. When I do eventually find my way back to being focused on and grateful for the truly important stuff, I also find myself right here - wondering why I lose my way so much and need so many welcome reminders of what really matters.

You might also be wondering what in the world any of this has to do with this picture and I wouldn't blame you, if you decided to go ahead and read all of this. To answer the question, this picture contains two reminders for me: sunrise and Sleeping Beauty Castle. Sunrise reminds me of the joy of a new day ahead and that it begins with beauty. Sleeping Beauty Castle is the icon that probably best encompasses Disneyland, which reminds me that with enough audacity, courage and hard work, dreams do come true, no matter how big or small. So I'll keep on struggling to find my way, believing I can achieve my dreams, big and small. I hope you will too.