The Monorail Races Through Fantasyland

As I understand it, there used to be motorboats in this pond at Fantasia Gardens in Fantasyland. They were before my time so I never had the opportunity to ride in them. That doesn't stop me from trying to imagine what it would have been like when I'm there. As I stood there taking in this view and all of its tranquility, I knew I wanted to try and capture it. I set up the tripod, set my exposure, set my timer and off my camera went, clicking through three frames. A few seconds into the third shot, I heard the Monorail coming. "Dangit, I'm gonna have to take this again", I said. Fortunately for me, Michaela had the sense to say, "Why don't you just wait and see what you get? It might be really cool." I find that things work out well when I take her advice. Thank goodness for my brilliant wife, who deserves credit for what I consider a happy accident with this picture. It wasn't what I had set out to get but turned into something I love. When you stand here, the Monorail makes its way through with surprising frequency. I always enjoy when it does because it's this beautiful, futuristic vehicle that just shines amidst the natural beauty of Fantasia Gardens and the magic of Fantasyland. 

*Update* Apparently the motorboats were around until the early '90s, so... not before my time. However, I don't recall ever having gone on them. Some great information about them can be found over at Daveland -