The Grand Lobby

This photo has been a long time coming. I had put it on the back burner after learning that one does not simply walk into the Grand Californian and start taking photos. There is a bit of a difference regarding the comfort of guests in a hotel as compared to a theme park.  Some of my fondest memories of visiting the Disneyland Resort are staying here with my family. What I really love about the Grand is that you never feel like you leave the magic present in the parks. Staying at other hotels in the area, there is a definitive moment at which you know you've left. Not here. Here you remain immersed. The Grand is saturated with Disney magic and detail. Fortunately for me, our friend Dave was a guest at the Grand this weekend, making it much easier to wander around and take pictures. 

What I envisioned in my head for a picture was something that would capture and communicate the enormity and well, grandness of the Grand Californian lobby. At ground level you have to be careful not to hurt your neck from attempting to drink in the view to the ceiling, with the amazing craftsmanship and light fixtures. As we wandered about, this view from a few floors up really seemed right for what I was hoping capture. I was so excited about it, I couldn't wait to post it. If you've never heard of our friend Dave's site, Daveland, we highly recommend you head over to his blog and check it out. Be prepared to spend some time there. He has incredible vintage photography from Disneyland that he posts regularly as well as incredible photography and art of his own. Thanks Dave!