An Evening at the Hub

Tonight marks the second anniversary of Tours Departing Daily and what an incredible ride these past two years have been. We never dreamed this website would turn into anything like this or that it would become such a special place for us to share our love of Disneyland. When we began taking pictures of Disneyland, our only thought was to try and share how it made us feel and that has been the goal we've strived for since. Disneyland is a wonderful place that has the ability to bring out the best in people, providing a source of both joy and inspiration. A short while ago, we mentioned our anniversary on Twitter and the generous outpouring that followed from friends really touched us. It's difficult to express how much appreciation we have for everyone that joins us in this journey, that shares feedback and words of encouragement on Twitter or Facebook or a friendly e-mail, that finds us in the Park. We are so grateful to each and every one of you. We are partners in this. We are bursting with excitement for some of the things we have planned for this year. We promise it will be the best yet. So with that obligatory statement intended to wet your appetite, what better place to join us in celebration than an evening at the hub?