Waiting for the Disneyland Limited

The Disneyland Railroad Project

We haven't spent much time hyping up our upcoming Disneyland Railroad film project but after hours and hours of editing and over a month of shooting we feel we have something very special to share. It's going to be different than anything we've done before and we hope it will be the start of many creative endeavors showcasing Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom. The goal in all our work is to pay tribute and respect to the inspiration and joy of Walt's legacy. Our hope, in turn, is to be an avenue for joy and inspiration to your lives. We hope you are as excited as we are. We can't wait to share on Saturday.

Google Plus

We are excited to announce our new Google+ page. Some of you may be connected with our first account, which was put on hold because we are a web site and not an individual profile. Now that Google has rolled out business pages for its social network we have established our official Tours Departing Daily page which can be found by clicking here. We'd love to mingle with you there, so if you have a Google account be sure and add us to your circles!

Waiting for the Disneyland Limited

I thought this was a wonderful moment at Disneyland as an engineer waited for the Disneyland Limited to pull into the station at New Orleans Square. It also seemed fitting to me to use this picture to help build anticipation for our Disneyland Railroad project. If you're as impressionable as I'm hoping you are, you now have a deep desire and a need to watch our film on Saturday and share it with all your family and friends. If you don't have that feeling yet, that's okay. We still have a couple of days to work on you and clever plans are in the works.