Inspiration on Main Street

As a photographer, it's always important to be inspired. Everyday I try to find something that tickles my fancy. I mean, I can't go to Disneyland every day, so sometimes it's difficult to find inspiration. But usually it comes in the form of some type of media, music, or mood I'm having. I'm a big fan of atmosphere and mood, and somehow relating the two in the form of a photograph. I love seeing a picture I haven't taken, and from it being able to be transported to that exact time. I wasn't there when the photograph was taken. I didn't experience the feelings that photographer felt as he or she pressed the shutter. But, because of my past experiences and the mood or tone presented, I can have an emotion and relate with someone I have never met. This is the power of the picture. We can have a relational connection with someone whom we don't know. I never realized why I liked certain pictures more than others until recently. When I view a picture, and it is presented how I see it, I get the feeling of being there all over again, and then there is an attachment, and I think, "Oh wow, they see it the way I do too." And that is something very special.