A Blizzard on the Rivers of America

There is always something to look at in Disneyland, something amazing. As a photographer, its pretty much sensory overload. One of the most magical moments at Disneyland during Christmas is the snow moment. I never get tired of hearing everyone, almost in unison, "Oooo" and "Ahhh" when the snow suddenly begins to fall. Its pretty awesome. As I was walking along the river one night, the fireworks had just ended, and of course, the snow began to fall. I stopped where I was. The light from one of the enormous Fantasmic pillars shined down illuminating the snow just right. In the distance stood the Mark Twain. I was not prepared at all for such a difficult shot. I decided I would come back another night to try my take at the snowy angle on the Rivers of America. I did, and the result is what you see! Even though this picture captures just a glimpse of a first snowfall, I hope its something you can enjoy while you wait for your next trip to the Disneyland Resort, or a moment to evoke memories of your first snow.