Splash Mountain

Why is Splash Mountain so epic? I mean really. I've seen kids jump on Space Mountain or the Matterhorn like nothin'. But Splash Mountain just has this ominous, I'm about to die, feel about it. Maybe if Disney hid the drop, no, maybe if they quieted the screams? Splash Mountain is just one of those rides that is incomparable. There isn't any log flume that even has a chance. Splash Mountain is the original log flume. Seriously, I dare you to walk by the drop and not stop and look. You can't, it's almost impossible. I've ridden roller coasters and rides all around Southern California, several times over. I could tell you every twist and turn in order on most of Magic Mountain's steel behemoths. Sadly, because of this, these rides have become predictable, and they lose their intensity and suprise. I can't figure out for the life of me why this doesn't happen on the drop of Splash Mountain. Everytime, I lose my stomach. I have probably ridden it a hundred times over.  Evertime as I climb the hill and crest the top that feeling enters, and my stomach ends up in my throat. I love it.