12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


Wishing a merry Christmas season, your Tour Guides would like to announce a 12 days of Christmas contest. Take a look at this video for an overview of this giveaway that will feature prints of our pictures and a fine art canvas as prizes. A tab titled “12 Days of Christmas” will go live on our Facebook page between now and Wednesday with all the details and a comment section to enter our giveaway. Hope you guys are as excited as we are!

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  • anonymous

    sounds awesome! can't wait! question though… what if i don't have a facebook account? no, seriously… hard to believe, i know… is that the only way to keep up? i know you mentioned twitter, which i do have an account for.

  • Matthew Hansen

    If you don't have a Facebook that's ok. You can take part in it on Twitter, just make sure to follow us there.

  • Delvin Harbour

    Hey what about your You Tube account for 12 days giveaway?! And what about Happy Festivus!! ;-) hahaahaaa

  • anonymous

    You guys are awesome! Still think you should do Walt Disney World HDR! Anyways, I'll do my best to Tweet, anything to help you guys grow!

  • Kevin Crone

    Delvin, Well, keep looking for new videos on our youtube account, but we'll be sticking with Facebook and Twitter for the contest! :)

    Christopher, Thanks Chris!! Oh, we'd love to do some HDR over at WDW! Maybe someday, it's quite a trip for us! :D Thank you so much!

  • Sean and Janet Eyring

    How awesome are you three? VERY!!! Seriously the most talented folks. I showed my wife one of your shots and she said, "Wow, who painted that?" If I win one I hope you give me a few days to narrow down my choice…cuz it's gonna take a while! Can't wait until the 14th!

  • anonymous

    You guys are even more awesome now that I've actually seen more than a picture…. hehe!

    I soooo hope I win something… please tell me the prints are of those gorgeous lights! Oh, and about the WDW HDR… yeah, that would be awesome. I'm trying to get some each trip, but it's nowhere near as great as your stuff.

    You three rock!

  • anonymous

    I'm trying to create my own website soon & you guy's are the perfect match for my photos that I would like to have on it & of course given you all the credit for them. I do have an a page owner account on facebook you can find me under disney fan addicts. I was wondering how much you will charge for next year. Thanks! Your guy's do an awesome job by the way…