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We began as Tours Departing Daily in 2010, with the perspective that life can be an adventure every day. The concepts of unrelenting hope and endless potential have been the foundations of our creative works, which started with photography and quickly grew to include cinematography and design. Our style embodies an impressionistic idealism that seeks to inspire and encourage viewers.

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Weird Glows Gleam Where Spirits Dwell

The Haunted Mansion is full of secrets. Some of them true. Some of them not. It is the mystery and the blurred line between the two that piques our...

Where the Air is Deathly Still

This evening, we continue our 13 post tour celebrating The Haunted Mansion’s 45th anniversary beneath the chandelier in the foyer… where the air is deathly still. The chandelier is...

Our Visit to ScareLA 2014

Last Saturday we attended ScareLA, a convention for haunts, horror and Halloween. It's not our usual scene but we had friends exhibiting there. When we received an invite as...

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